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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

December 2009 Reading with Mommy

December 2009 Danny hanging with Grandpa and Grandma B.

Danny (and Joe) so enjoyed having their Grandparents here. We could really get used to these frequent visits! It's almost like they live nearby!

Tea with Grandma is a special time!
"Drink your Tea Grandma!"

December 2009 Joe's Perspective

Joe asked if he could use our camera to take some pictures. Here is the result!

Leota W. was here for dinner.
As was Carol D.

December 2009 Shopping like a Grandma

Joe: "Mom! I need lots of money!"
Me: "Why?"
Joe: "Cause I"m gonna shop like a Grandma!"

December 2009 Go Diego Go!

December 2009 Time with Grandpa W.

If you want to spend time with Grandpa there is a good chance you'll spend some of it on a bicycle! Grandpa W. bought Joe this bicycle. This is Joe's first time around the block with Grandpa.
Someone is totally excited. (make that two someones!)

Relaxing by reading a story after the "strenuous"ride!
Grandpa showing Joe and Troy how Dragon Naturally Speaking works. He's reading a story to the computer.
Thanks for the bicycle Grandpa!!!! Joe wants to go do some more riding. He's got a lot of training to do before STP 2016!

December 2009 My Boys

December 2009 Christmas Fun

We snuck over to Snowflake lane in Bellevue. Kent, Julie, Victoria, Madison and Carson were in town so we met them there. The little parade was fun....but wow it was crowded!
When Mom and Dad Burgess came for Christmas we stopped by the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. They are absolutely beautiful. (This was even more crowded than Snowflake Lane...but what do you expect the wknd before Christmas?) Somehow I didn't get a picture of the Brent and Dayla Bergh family. How'd they sneak out of it?!
Danny was absolutely fascinated. Last year he slept through it!
The four of us...a family picture! :)
What a good looking couple!
Joe and Marissa
Not sure why Joe is frowning...let's chalk it up to it's time for bed! (I'm betting that he is sad that it isn't Kylie sitting next to him. Cause while he likes Marissa a lot....He LOVES Kylie! *grin

November 2009 Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year. As Elaine would say, "FINALLY!"
The G.R. Burgess family joined us!
To make clean up easier we moved the table to the living room.
Joe made the place cards.
Troy bought me flowers! He picked good!
The cooks included: Elaine
The Menu:
Cream of Mushroom Chestnut Soup
Spinach Sweet Potato Salad with a warm bacon vinaigrette
Sausage Apple Cranberry Stuffing (love my crock pot)
Mashed potatoes w/ gouda (once again...love my crock pot)
Green Beans with mushrooms
Waldorf Salad
Rolls and home made jam
Cranberry sauce
Turkey of course!

Can't forget the pies!
Joe even contributed. Yummy huh?! *grin
Here we are all gathered!

Joe knows how to do Thanksgiving right...notice his pants are unsnapped!

Afterward in accordance with the GR Burgess tradition we decorated gingerbread cookies. My dad, mom, Lucille, Samantha and Mircea stopped by really quick to deliver Danny's big Boy bed and mattress and so they joined in on the decorating.

We have so much to be Thankful for! Next year come join us!

November 2009 More Craft time

Food coloring + coffee filters are a lot of fun!
Joe using an eye dropper to place his colors.
Danny chose a paint brush.

Monday, February 1, 2010

November 2009 Annual Plachinda Bake Off with Grandpa W.

Another year of baking Plachinda with Grandpa. Ginny hosted once again!
As soon as the grandkids arrived, they were elbows deep in the dough with Grandpa.
Because the grandkids were too much help, Grandpa gave them each their own piece of dough to roll out. It kept them busy for minutes! *grin Actually, I think they all were at the table for almost an hour working their piece of dough....getting it "just right!"
Casper and Joe...look how perfect Joe's dough is rolled! Pretty soon the parents won't have to do a thing besides just drive the kids over!
Grandma bought them all chef hats!

Alex and Cea!
They weren't working the whole time!
Hurray for the dishwasher!
You can never have too much creamer!
More play time!
Gladys and Lucille joined in on the chaos/fun!
Lunch was delicious!
Tons of pictures were taken!
Can't wait til next year!